About Us

Mr. Natural Bottled Water, Inc. 

Products and Services

Mr. Natural delivers to both homes and offices. We deliver to customers who have their own coolers and those who want to rent or buy cooler units.

We have no-spill bottled water coolers for sale and rental. Our coolers have either cold and room temperature taps or cold and hot taps. We sell the jugs of both 5- and 3-gallon bottles to go on top. Our company also carries ceramic crocks for use with the 5- and 3-gallon bottles. We have cases of six one gallon bottles of spring and distilled and cases of 24 16.9 oz. sports top bottles.

In addition to delivering water, we also carry a line of coffee makers and coffees for office coffee service. One model of coffee maker we have has the bottle of water sitting on top. Our coffees include Maxwell House, Folgers, and Columbian. We also offer sugar and creams.

Our drivers service locations as often as every other week. The routes go as far north as Dover, DE, and south to Pocomoke, MD, and all points in between.

Brief History

Mr. Natural was started in 1983. The company was started as both a bottler and distribution business. When our first ad went into the paper, we had an inventory of nine water coolers and 40 bottles of water to sell. At that time we had one employee, William (Pop) Huesman. He did both the bottling and all the water deliveries. We had one delivery vehicle - the Cargo Van.

Today we have three full-time drivers, a warehouse supervisor, and two full-time office personnel. The Cargo Van has been replaced with four Eight-Bay Beverage Body trucks and a small Four-Bay Truck. We are still small enough to provide the personal service that each account deserves.

Other Info

Why use bottled water?

First, for many it is the assurance of quality. With well water, you're on your own to have water checked for contaminants (some visible, like iron, and others invisible or testable, like nitrates). Filtered or unfiltered tap water is checked at the plant and then goes unmonitored through the pipes until it reaches your home or office. Also, tap water from a utility may have chemicals like chlorine added that would never be in bottled spring water.

Another reason is the taste--It may sound like a line, but you REALLY taste the difference.

The convenience of home or office delivery is another reason people buy bottled water. Bottled water is one of the last items you can have brought to you.


"Don't be a drip, drink Mr. Natural Bottled Water!"

"You always know what you're drinking"

  • We are committed to excellence
  • Delicious, refreshing, and free of impurities
  • Our spring water meets the strict requirements of the FDA & EPA
  • Quality tested every 2 hours
  • Member of the International Bottled Water Association