Maintenance Information

Replacing Bottle

  • Wipe top of new bottle with clean, damp paper towel
  • Remove empty bottle
  • Remove cap from new bottle
  • Place bottle on cooler without touching the neck or top of the bottle

Drip Tray

When operating your water cooler, use the vinyl splash tray for water only. Remove and rinse it regularly.

Sanitizing of Water Reservoir

Your cooler's reservoir should be flushed, cleaned, and sanitized every few months, depending on the amount of water used and the sanitary conditions of the cooler location.

  1. Unplug the cord from the electrical outlet and let stand for a few minutes to reach room temperature.
  2. Remove empty bottle.
  3. Empty the reservoir by draining the cold faucet of tap water and pour into reservoir.
  4. Add one half teaspoon of baking soda (only) to one gallon of tap water and pour into reservoir.
  5. Wash reservoir thoroughly with baking soda solution and let stand for five minutes.
  6. Drain baking soda solution from reservoir through the COLD FAUCET ONLY.
  7. Rinse reservoir thoroughly with clear water several times, draining water through faucet(s). Continue rinsing until no chlorine taste remains.

Is There A Leak?

When a leak appears from a bottled water cooler, 99% of the time it is a defective water bottle. Over time, bottles may develop a pin hole or fracture. When placed on the cooler, it can not hold a vacuum and the water overflows the reservoir, causing the cooler to appear to be leaking. REMOVE the damaged bottled...mark it with the word LEAKER so the bottle may be taken out of production.

Bottle Deposit Policy

Our policy at Mr. Natural works just like a pop bottle deposit. When you have an even exchange, you will only be charged for water and no deposit will be charged. However, when you receive more or less bottles than you return during the billing period, you will be charged or credited the deposit on the differences only. WE CANNOT GIVE CREDIT FOR BOTTLES CONTAINING FOREIGN SUBTANCES OR BOTTLES THAT ARE CHIPPED OR STAINED.